Justica para o Boavista

Ενα θέμα το οποίο αφορά στην ιστορική ομάδα της Boavista, την άνιση μεταχείρηση της ομάδας, σε σχέση με άλλες ανταγωνιστικές και πιο... εμπορικές, αλλά και τις λύσεις "αλά ελληνικά"... που έχουν οδηγήσει τον ιστορικό σύλλογο στις μικρές κατηγορίες και τον κόσμο στους δρόμους για τη δικαίωση της ιστορίας του. Ας μάθουμε λίγα παραπάνω, από τους ίδιους...
Tell us details about the 2 stories... the fix game of Boavista and the fix game of Porto...
What is the difference of the 2 situations and how the portugal federation did...
It all started after Boavista won the Portuguese Championship. Our former president without our knowledge did some very bad business in buying extremely high cost player that the club couldn't support. After that came EURO2004 and there was the need to have proper stadiums to that event. Boavista had a small one and get agreements with the government and with City Hall. Unfortunately for us, the agreement with city hall weren't written in paper so there were no proof that obliged them to be fulfilled.
Boavista stadium... paid by Boavista... Porto? Benfica? Sporting?
Economic situation at Boavista now?
For you to have an idea the 3 biggest clubs Porto, Benfica and Sporting get from there City Hall sums around 100 Million Euros ( these are data from our "Tribunal de Contas" - translate Account Court) and Boavista only received 1 Million Euros. Last year a process led by Benfica president, based on illegal phone tapes, lead to a case in witch Porto was accused of bribery and Boavista was accused of coercion in 3 games. In portugal if you are condemned of bribery you get -3 points and the penalty for coercion is going to the lower league. All the refs that were alleged targets of coercion always said that they never felt that, Boavista didn't win not even one of the games ( lost 2 and draw 1).The decision was than made to condemned both Boavista and Porto based in illegal phone tapes. Both clubs appealed and on the superior football court there was once again illegal decisions made.The portuguese courts have recently gave reason to Boavista by saying that the phone tapes are illegal, and that the 2º phootbal court decisions are also illegal. But, has usual when a club is down, everyone is trying to make an example from us so they can say that portuguese football now is more righteous. The football justice does not apply what the civil justice decides.So, us being simple fans can't stand watching what they are doing to our club and demand JUSTICE FOR BOAVISTA.
Panteras Negras... Active?
We are in the last place of the second division but in this moment Panteras Negras are very strong, as you can see in this video example :

( AWAY GAME ) and as you can see in the last MANIF made by us :

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